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When it comes to feeding a leopard gecko, it’s essential to know both what to feed him and ways to feed him. Unlike cats or dogs that eat whatever dry food from a box you put in front of them, a gecko won’t do that. Instead, it’s essential to know what you should feed them, and exactly how often.

This article will explore the basic principles of feeding a leopard gecko, discuss age-old question of crickets versus mealworms, as well as show you a gecko feeding schedule.


This is actually among the best foods to make use of when it comes to feeding a leopard gecko, also referred to as a Leo. It’s nutritious, that’s what geckos wish to eat, and they even get exercise seeking to chase down live crickets. It’s essential to get crickets the right size to make Leo feedings go easier.

A cricket that is too big will not be eaten, at the very least not easily. The cricket needs to be no greater than the space between the gecko’s eyes. It is then much simpler when feeding a leopard gecko.

However, make sure they are live crickets. Feeding geckos dead crickets is actually a bad idea. The reason is since the cricket has now begun to decompose and for that reason you’re feeding her or him rotten food. Also, if the cricket died so easily, it had been probably sick within the first-place. Either way, it’s not the best option for feeding a leopard gecko.

The best recommendation about feeding geckos crickets is to only buy what exactly you need while keeping them in a cricketer terrarium until its leopard feeding time. Just remember, feeding a leopard gecko healthy food is the way you keep him healthy.


Make no mistake, in terms of feeding a leopard gecko, they want to eat meal worms. Many individuals have the mistake of feeding a Leo simply meal worms. They figure the gecko is eating, the gecko seems happy, so what could be the harm in feeding a leopard gecko simply mealworms? Not all the creature needs variety inside their diet, right?

Actually, in terms of gecko feeding, mealworms should not be the one thing you provide it. Mealworms to your gecko are in reality like cake to us.

We love it, we wish to eat it, however, if we had on a regular basis we get very sick and fat. It’s the identical when it comes to feeding a leopard gecko; if you’re feeding your gecko a reliable diet of nothing but mealworms you’re soon going to possess a very fat and incredibly sluggish Leopard with a shortened lifespan.

You might have one now. If you have, don’t despair, just like people, leopard geckos can lose that weight. All you need to do is start feeding a leopard gecko healthier right now. Crickets are the most useful selection for feeding a leopard gecko. Not only are they healthy and filled with nutrition, the reality that they will be jumping around to escape the gecko are likely to provide him with exercise for leopard gecko feeding time.

How many times?

Even though it’s the initial question individuals have about feeding geckos; it’s been saved for last because before you know when to feed them, you have to know whatever they eat. So, ready to learn more about a gecko feeding schedule?

Like all animals, feeding a leopard gecko depends a lot on its age. A Leo can often live to be twenty-five years old and experiences many changes throughout its life.

A gecko feeding schedule looks but something like this:

Babies should get fed between 4 to 5 small crickets every day while adults can make do with 5 to 6 large crickets every 2 to 3 days. To obtain the best from gecko feeding time, you ought to powder the crickets with calcium supplements, (simply for adults, not for babies.)

This may give your gecko an additional boost of nutrition to ensure they are healthy and robust. And if you feel of mealworms as cake, then you know you incorporate them into your geckos feeding schedule a few times per week abmdax not all day.

So now you know the basics of feeding a leopard gecko, you can be reassured knowing your leopards feeding time is giving your gecko the best nutrition possible to live a long and happy life along with you.

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